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Welcome to HashrateLabs

The most efficient cryptocurrency wallet.

We want to connect you with the world through a better anonymity and a way to send money to others seamlessly.

Hashrate Labs workers know the techniques to support you in using Bitcoin and Altcoins. We make the management of cryptocurrencies clear and easy for you.

Why Choose HashrateLabs

The workers of Hashrate Labs assure you a reliable and easy system to manage and store your cryptocurrency.

Safe and Secure

We offer a secure e-wallet, this means you can buy and use cryptocurrencies safely. Sending cryptocurrency from wallet to wallet is moreover fixed in the blockchain, a decentralized digital record of transactions based on a network of numerous nodes.

Experts Support

IT-experience, passion, professionalism and resourcefulness: Hashrate Labs offer the right environment and support for you. A personal advisor from our team will be always at your disposal.

Conversion to €

If you don’t want to keep your Bitcoins and Altcoins in your virtual wallet we enable you to convert your sums of cryptocurrecy into € easily. The best cryptocurrecy price is calculated by investigating various exchanges.

Upcoming functionalities

Soon you will be able to get started with to Bitcoin and Altcoins within the Hashrate Labs system. With the support of Hashrate Labs system using cryptocurrecies will not complicated nor time-consuming.

1. Account creation


2. Web Wallet Creation


3. Buy your Cryptocurrency with €

minus a small fee

4. Sell your Cryptocurrency and receive €

minus a small fee

Do you think that cryptocurrencies will get ahead in this world?

Make an alternative financial revolution in your personal and professional life


View the latest Bitcoin price and its price history below. You can compare Bitcoin with Euro, US-Dollar and Yen. The exchange rate of Bitcoin Cash and US-Dollar is shown below.

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